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Unique Urn Options For Cremation Services

Published: November 28, 2022
by Webb & Stephens Funeral Homes

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There are a lot of decisions to make, even after you decide on cremation services in the Meridian, MS area for a loved one. You will have to choose the cremation package, for example. That package is going to have everything your loved one needs to be included, even a simple container for their remains. But some families want something more unique than a provided urn. Instead, you can choose an urn and you can even get something that is unique and special for your loved one. Here are some examples of the urn options on the market.

Stained Glass Urn

Stained glass is always unique because there are no two pieces that are exactly alike. You might get a stained glass urn with a picture on it, or just a certain design. You can even have something created that would be special for your loved one, specifically. You can get glass in certain colors, all colors, or something in between. Pre-arranging your own service will help to ease the burden of your loved ones.

Cremation Jewelry Or Diamonds

Cremation jewelry is plentiful and there are lots of different pieces available. Most of them are in the shape of hearts, pendants, and crosses, but there are other options as well. You place a little of your loved one’s remains inside and then, you can wear them close to your heart. It might be something many of your family members would appreciate. Since each piece only takes little remains, you can get several of them and spread your loved one accordingly. Ashes can also be compressed into diamonds, which you can have set into a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, or something else. You can also just store it in a keepsake box or put it on display in your home.

Stuffed Animal Urn

If you want to hug your loved one last time, you may want to get a stuffed animal urn. This is also good for people who loved certain animals or even stuffed animals in general. It can be nice to pass on to a child, or if it was a child who passed on. These urns hold your loved one’s remains and then, they fit inside a stuffed animal and are sewn in. You will think of your loved one every time you see the animal and you can give it a hug, too.

Blown Glass Urn

You can have your loved one’s ashes placed in a liquid glass and that glass can then be made into an urn. You can place the rest of your loved one’s ashes inside, or you can just keep the piece as a memorial to them. Blown glass is unique as well and can be very special to honor your loved one.

Seed Urn

There are urns that are biodegradable and allow you to plant new things along with your loved one’s remains. As the urn breaks down and your loved ones remain mixed with the soil, they foster new life and help the seeds in the urn to grow. When you are trying to decide what to do around cremation services in the Meridian area, a special urn could be a good idea.

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