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Would You Like To Be Buried On Land Or at Sea?

Published: November 14, 2022
by Webb & Stephens Funeral Homes

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Sea burials have become incredibly popular, and there are specific stipulations about how to do this. In particular, a funeral home director in Marion, MS will let you know what is legal and what is not, but you'll also have to check with the ordinances where you want to bury the body. Traditional land burials are far more straightforward as cemeteries are already set up to receive people and ensure that they can be buried the way they would like. Check out the list below for more information on being buried at sea or on land.

Being Buried In The Sea

One thing that you'll have to be aware of is being buried at sea does not mean putting your actual body in the ocean. Being buried at sea is having your body cremated and your ashes released into the ocean. This is done by either sprinkling your loved one's ashes into the sea or having your family get a biodegradable urn and having the urn placed in the ocean.

You do this by leaving the ashes in the urn itself, and then instead of sprinkling the ashes in the ocean, the entire urn gets submerged in the water. Once the biodegradable urn hits the water, it will begin dissolving, and your deceased ashes will be placed in the depths of the sea.

Being Buried On Land

Being buried on land is the traditional method that many adopt, involving placing a body into a coffin or casket. From here, you'll have a memorial service and a funeral. Some people like to hold a viewing before the funeral as well. Afterward, the body gets placed in the casket and inside the ground. You'll have a headstone that you can visit, and this will mark the person's burial site.

Which Is The Better Option?

There are many great things about a traditional burial, and there are things that people prefer about cremation. Ultimately, the choice is personal and will come down to what you and your family believe in and what you think is best. Keep in mind, however, that if you spread your loved one's ashes in the sea, you will not be able to visit them afterward as you would with a traditional burial with the headstone. However, some families find that releasing your loved one back to the earth is a very freeing experience and lets the family heal together differently.

What Will You Choose?

When making arrangements with the funeral home in Marion, MS, the director will tell you the benefits of both options and ultimately help you decide what you think is better. Remember, with a funeral, everyone's needs are different, and you have to be the one to determine what that entails. No one else can decide what you know in your heart. The director can only guide you. However, with their help, you'll be less overwhelmed. That makes the decision more straightforward and you'll be able to know your own mind.

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