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Cremation And Its Changes

Published: November 7, 2022
by Webb & Stephens Funeral Homes

Cremation in Collinsville, MS

Cremation:  There are ways to do this with water or fire. The difference between cremation and its counterpart in burial is that it's faster, more straightforward, and avoids issues people aren't sure about, such as embalming. In ancient times they did this a little bit differently, and each culture has its way of doing this.

Ancient Cremation Was Present

Archaeological discoveries have come into play, and while they uncovered the fact that cremation was mainly a military procedure, it was done in other cultures. For instance, in Roman times, they would release an eagle above the deceased body, symbolizing their passing.

Water Cremation Is Better For The Planet

Water cremation is better for the planet and releases fewer fumes than the fire counterpart. In addition, you'll find that there are alkaline solutions now that you can adopt with this type of cremation. One thing that you have to know, however, is that you won't be able to adopt an alkaline solution unless you live in the United Kingdom.

The Ceremonies Are Different

The ceremonies are vastly different now than they were before. For instance, people have unique ideas that they adopt now, such as story tables, sending ashes into space, and having living ceremonies to honor the lives of their loved ones. You can also become a plant or a tree or be released in various areas. It all depends on what you think your loved one would want and appreciate. If you are faced with attending cremation services, there may be some instances in which you feel your child should come with you.

In The Past, Your Cremated Remains Were Buried With Your Loved Ones

Another area archeologists have discovered is that in ancient Britain, the remains they found had one grave with several urns buried with it. That indicated that people would bury the loved ones that they had lost with them. You'll find that some graves held up to ten urns in a single grave, indicating that they were one of the last people to pass or that they had a large family. When you plan ahead you know that your wishes will be fulfilled.

You Can Become Anything That You Want

One thing that has changed in today's times that didn't necessarily happen before is that you can become jewelry, a tree, or flowers, or be released into the ocean and become part of the barrier reefs. This is just a minuscule list of what you can do with the ashes and what you want to do. For spreading the ashes, you need to follow specific rules, but becoming something different requires controls that are laxer. This is why people decide to take these options instead.

Things Have Truly Changed Now

Cremation in Collinsville, MS has genuinely changed with time. In the past, there weren't as many options in place back then as there are now, and this changes the choices that you can make. Because there are loving ways to honor your loved one and ensure that their final issues are observed while offering a new solution. However, seeing how the past has given us so many options is attractive.

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