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Meaningful Options For Cremated Remains

Published: October 24, 2022
by Webb & Stephens Funeral Homes

If you decide that cremation services in Marion, MS are the right move for a loved one of yours who has passed on, you will get a cremation package, get the paperwork in order, and things will proceed. Once you have the remains returned to you, you can do whatever you’d like with them. It might take you a little time to figure out what you want to do, but these options are meaningful and are something to consider as you move forward.

Place The Ashes Inside Jewelry

When you lose a loved one, all you want is to have them back with you. While that’s not possible, you might want to keep them as close to you as possible. Cremation jewelry might be a good option to consider. The cremation jewelry pieces are like mini urns. They hold a few ashes and you can then wear them. The jewelry items are often shaped like a heart, a pendant, a cross, or something else of the sort. There are lots of options and you might want to look at the choices to see what works for your style and your loved one’s personality.

Have Diamonds Made

Ashes can actually be compressed into diamonds and that can become a real keepsake for your family. You can take that diamond, display it, place it into a ring setting, use it in a necklace, or do anything else you want with it. It can be something you wear and cherish and then pass it down to your family later on.

Bury Them In A Special Spot

Burial is still an option once the cremation is finished. You might want to bury your loved one in a cemetery where you know they will be safe and secure. You can also bury them in a family garden, or in a variety of other places. Make sure the spot is special to you and maybe to them as well.

Make Art

Ashes can be mixed in with many different things and it is then something you can use to create something new. You might have a bit of the ashes mixed in with paint or clay, for example, and then, an artist or a talented family member can create a painting, a pot, or another item that includes your loved one’s remains. That item becomes a keepsake for you, a memorial, of sorts, and again, can be something you pass down through the generations. Grief isn't something you process overnight; in some ways, it's something you may never fully "get over."

Place Them In A Tattoo

If you want your loved one as close as possible and you don’t want to have a cremation jewelry piece that you take on and off, you can have a few of their remains mixed in with ink and they can be a part of a new tattoo you might want to get in their memory. That can be a special way to keep them with you.

If you want other ideas as to what you can do with your loved one’s remains, contact the professionals that did their cremation services in Marion, MS and they can help.

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