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Customizing A Loved One’s Urn

Published: October 10, 2022
by Webb & Stephens Funeral Homes

Once you decide on cremation services in Meridian, MS for a loved one who has passed on, you might feel rather at ease and at peace over the situation, and that’s a great thing. You will choose a cremation package for your loved one and then, you can take your time with other decisions. The package will take care of any need your loved one has, but the packages are often basic and you can add things to that package. The one thing most people add is an urn. If you decide to customize the urn, that can really make things special. Here are a few ways in which you can customize that product.

Pick Out The Right Urn Style

You get to pick out every detail of the urn and the first thing you might want to consider is the urn’s overall style. That style might be basic, or you can get something unique and unusual. The style can say something about your loved one, what you want for them, and the legacy they are leaving behind.

Decide On A Color

Depending on the material you choose, there are a variety of colors you can consider. Many urns have lots of color options. You want to choose a color that works well for your loved one’s personality. You might also consider what you are doing with the urn. If it will show at the memorial service, you might want a certain color that stands out. If you are keeping it at home, you might want a color that looks good in your house.

Consider The Shape

The urn’s shape can also give you something unique and unusual to view for your loved one. It’s nice to have a shape that is different than the average urns so you are able to give your loved one something that stands out.

Engrave Details

Many different urn materials are also engravable. You can engrave your loved one’s name, something about them, and other such details. If you can’t engrave the urn, you can place a plaque on it with the details you want. Some urns can be painted with those details and that can be nice as well. Pre-arranging your own service will help to ease the burden on your loved ones.

Decorate Around It

Once you have the urn you want for your loved one, you can decorate around it to make it stand out at the memorial service, at your house, or anywhere else it will be seen. You might place a wreath of flowers around it at the service, and a picture of your loved one. If you take it home with you later, having items your loved one enjoyed and their photo nearby can also be a nice way to memorialize your loved one through the urn you chose for them.

If you are having cremation services in Meridian, MS, whatever package you choose will come with a simple container for your loved one’s remains. But you can also get the urn of your choice and even customize that item for them.

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