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How Can You Choose The Right Grief Counselor After Cremation Services?

Published: September 12, 2022
by Webb & Stephens Funeral Homes

When you have cremation services in Meridian, MS, and then a memorial for a loved one who passed on, you are likely focusing on the person who died and their needs. Once that stuff is behind you, you can then concentrate on your own grief. It can be hard to decide what you want to do for yourself in order to move things forward. You might seek help from a grief counselor, for example. And it can be hard to find the right counselor. They are all different and have their own philosophies and you are going to want to find one that works well for your needs and personality. Here are a few ways to find the right grief counselor.

Look Options Up Online

Many people often start research on any professional online. You can look up the options and start a list of professionals in your area that you might consider. You can read their bios, read reviews from past clients, and figure out if their schedule at the office might fit into your life. Research is always a good start, but there are other things you might want to do before you move forward with any particular counselor.

Get References From The Cremation Provider

When you use a cremation provider for your loved one’s final services, they aren’t going anywhere once the cremation is complete. You can call them at any time for grief resources. They can give you references for grief counselors at any time in the future, whether you call soon after the cremation is complete or weeks or months later on. Their references can mean a lot because they work closely with people in the industry.

Talk To Friends/Family

If you have other family members or friends who have perhaps worked with counselors in the past, specifically grief counselors, hearing about their experiences from them can help you to trust a certain counselor. If you like what you hear, perhaps it’s worth giving that person a try. It can also help you to steer clear of someone that might not have the right personality for your needs.

Make Phone Calls

When you have a short list of options from your references and research, it’s time to make some calls. When you talk to the office, or perhaps even the counselor, you can get a feel for the way they speak, and how they treat clients, and you can talk about the types of counseling they see fit for your situation. This can help you to figure out if you might want to move forward with that counselor.

Have A Free Consultation

It can also be a good idea to have a free consultation with professionals you are seriously considering. Get to know them a little and talk about what counseling might look like in your life. The cremation services in Meridian, MS might be behind you, but the grief is going to stick around and there’s nothing wrong with getting help with it.

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